Saturday, March 19, 2011

13 Days

...Until the horses come home!  I can't tell you how excited I am.  They're coming home a month earlier than usual, but so far the weather's being fairly nice(ish).

I had another lesson last week.  Finally, between the weather, my schedule, and M's legs it all worked out.  He's still not completely sound, but did well at a walk for an hour.  No longe line lesson this time, it was all about teaching me how to help him hold his frame.  It's so weird for me to not have slack in the reins.  When I want Estes to do something, I "pick up" the reins, give my direction and then release.  This idea of constant contact is just so foreign to me.

I finally figured out how not to "give my elbows away" and keep my own frame while helping balance M in his.  We worked on halts and three-tracks.  I *almost* got the hang of the halts, with M squaring up underneath me and had limited success with three-tracks.  I could do it while moving around the arena clock-wise, but counterclock-wise was a total loss.  Sharon also had me ride in a two-point position, which made me very thankful that I have been working out.  I still only made it one lap around the arena before I started feeling the burn.

I left the lesson feeling so much better than my first one.  I only had to be reminded to watch my legs a couple of times.  I hope it's because I'm getting the hang of it, and not because she just got tired of telling me.

I was hoping to have another lesson tomorrow, but I've developed pityriasis rosea - a viral skin infection - that has migrated from my torso to my inner thighs and hamstrings.  I can barely pull on my jeans without setting off awful bouts of itching/scratching, so I cancelled my lesson tomorrow.  I can't even imagine the irritation that would be caused by both the jeans and the motion of riding.

Once Estes is home, I'll continue working on what I'm learning between lessons.  Estes has lousy "whoa", so maybe if I can master the halts, I can carry that over to her.

Only 13 days...


Rachel said...

Lucky you! I mean, the lesson, not the itchies.

I am totally itching to ride (no pun intended, but now I can't stop giggling).

Get well soon!

Shirley said...

When I took English lessons on Beamer last year the first thing I discovered was just how much I move my shoulders when I ride! And how it affects my riding. When I quietened my body language it improved my communicaton with my horse. I'm hoping to take more lessons this year- on Gussie.

Linda said...

My instructor used to have me ride at all the gaits in the 2 point position, so I know what you mean. It's great exercise. That rosea sounds horrible. My husband had something similar, all over his body, for two years--it even blistered all over his body--he had to go on steroids to fight it. But I told him (after two years!!!) to start drinking a ton of water and see what happened. He started pouring the water in by buckets--it went away.

Once Upon an Equine said...

Unusually mild weather for Colorado. I really don't want anymore snow, but I know we need the moisture. I would settle for a little rain to inspire some green grass to appear. I hope your 13 days fly by.

Funder said...

OMG, a new way to itch. That sounds horrible. I'm allergic to just about everything, but at least I've never gotten that!