Thursday, March 31, 2011

12 Hours, 34 Minutes

Until I go pick up my baby girl!

I ordered her a new halter and lead rope, 'cause she needed something new and pretty.  Wait, she got a new, pretty head stall for Christmas.  But this isn't Christmas.  We'll call it a Coming Home present.

I'm hoping her Coming Home present was delivered today (I'm still at work) so I can use it tomorrow.  I think she'll be gorgeous in her new purple halter.

Okay, full disclosure: Yes, she got a new halter and lead rope.  But she got them because Ida accidentally ended up with her blue halter and lead rope and I won't see Ida tomorrow when I pick up Estes to get it back.  But...shhhhh...we won't tell her why she got new clothes, we'll just let Queen Estes think it's her Coming Home present.


Allenspark Lodge said...

Did I forget to tell you I've picked out a really cool rain-shirt for Queen Estes...'cause we know what happens to the weather up here the minute the horses come home (and the Queen does NOT like to shiver!)

Mrs Mom said...

Are they there yet?? Are they there yet?? Are they there yet???????!!!!!!!

Smooch Her Royal Highness from me, and loves all around to the rest of the crew too!!!!!

(Umm, that would include Mom and Bill

Shirley said...

Now you're whole again?

Rising Rainbow said...

Sounds like everyone is very excited about getting the horses back home. I don't know how you make it all winter without them.

Oh.....yes, your secret is safe with me.......