Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Little Bling for Estes

I had such a good time on my five minute ride yesterday that I just posted a quick video in which it was almost impossible to see her new bling.  RCC got some great pictures and I have to share them before we get to the bling.  What I love, Love, LOVE about our horses is that they've been out to pasture for two months and we were able to just hop right back up on them without any round penning or lounging.

I love this picture - love the way the sun's coming through the trees.

My favorite picture of Bill and Ranger.

She's furred up a little bit.  I thought I'd be able to bury my fingers in her hair, but it just stuck straight up when I tried.

Terrible picture of me; great picture of her new bling.  I think it fits her perfectly.


Once Upon an Equine said...

How nice to be able to just hop on and ride - and bareback too! In the snow! And through the trees! Great pictures. Lovely new bridle.

Rachel said...

See, you'd love Kona! She's the same way about rides.

But you've got the snow - I'm still WOWing about that.

And that second picture, sheesh - boy has some skilz!

Mrs Mom said...

Hey I know that duster... ;)

The new bling looks awesome on Her Royal Highness Queen Estes. She is looking good in her winter woolies too!!

Love that shot of Ranger and Bill too. Ranger is so expressive!!

Dreaming said...

Mmmmm, just love the furriness!

Rising Rainbow said...

The bling looks great and you're smiling in that picture, that's what counts!

allhorsestuff said...

Woo hoo...look at the sparkle on that headstall!
I too LOVE that photo of you two in the sunbeams and woods!