Saturday, January 1, 2011

Equine Resolutions

This year, I'll be taking riding lessons.  I want to learn to use my seat more effectively (and I'm sure that Estes will appreciate it too).  I don't need to be able to ride bridleless, but I'd like to use my hands less and my legs more.  Sharon, one of the crew members from Horse Master, has offered to give me dressage lessons on her super amazing gelding.  I have no intention of ever competing in dressage - EVER - but I've been told repeatedly that it will help develop my riding; dressage is the basis of all good riding, much like ballet is the basis of all dancing.  Wish me luck.

I'll also do my best to keep Estes' hooves trimmed properly (thanks, Mrs Mom).  For the record, the thought of doing it scares the crap out of me.  The last thing I want to do is screw up my horse, but I want to be able to use her all summer long.  For the last two summers, she's been either injured or lame for part of the summer.  I couldn't have avoided her injury, but I maybe could have figured out her lameness earlier and gotten her treatment sooner.  By doing her trimming and handling her hooves on a regular basis, I'll be able to identify the beginning of thrush and treat it appropriately.  I swear I'm not going to get lulled into the "I live in a mountain desert, we don't have thrush" mentality.

That's it for my horse resolutions; why about you?  Anyone have any they want to share?


Rachel said...

Sooo... does that mean you'll come out here and ride my dressage-trained Kona? :)

I think my resolution has more to do with Mr. Daddy... putting up a barn is on his list too! Me? I just want some lighting out there for dinnertime visits! :)

Once Upon an Equine said...

Those are great resolutions. I'm going to take riding riding lessons too and attend clinics and equine education seminars - anything I can do to improve horsemanship and keep my horses healthy and happy.

Momma Fargo said...

I vow not to fall off next time I ride with you and hold my seat. LOL

Happy New Year!

Funder said...

Hahaha, "I need a better seat" from the one who doesn't bother with a saddle most of the time!

You'll do just fine with Estes' feet. The more you trim, the easier it gets - and you have lots of help online.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Yea, that is kind of funny. You actually do have a great 'seat'. But I completely understand wanting to learn how to put your already considerable balance to use and incorporate cues. It'll be fun.

Sorry I didn't get you called when we were on that side of the mountains. My nephew was exhausted after being on the slopes for 3 days straight and after we got checked into our rooms, he didn't feel like doing anything. Meg and I watched the fireworks all over the city from the warmth and comfort of our hotel room-LOL.

But, we're planning on coming over for the StockShow (at least one weekend). We will definitely have to catch up then.

Happy New Year!!

GunDiva said...

Once Upon - I try to attend as many clinics/seminars as possible during the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo and would love to do riding clinics. Since I can't afford to go to any riding clinics, I volunteer to crew for Julie Goodnight's TV show - that's like getting eight clinics in one week!

Rising Rainbow said...

I spent some time taking dressage lessons and I'm glad that I did. You'll have fun, I bet.

I bet you're just fine with Estes feet too although I can understand having nerves some in the beginning. Feet are such a big deal to the horse being sound. I rasp some on the horses here but mostly just touch up stuff to hold me over and just doing that used to make me nervous. Now that I know I "see" what I'm supposed to, I am much more confident.

Tj and Mark said...

I just want to ride more and maybe actually sell or lease our one. We have too many. As for the riding lessons, I would love that too. As a 4-H leader I helped a riding instructor with her daughter who was afraid of horses. LOL. I got the daughter riding and her mom gave me a couple lessons.

Linda said...

Good for you! I've taken lessons off and on a ton--and I learn something new every time, though I don't have the patience to study dressage consistently--it takes time away from the trails and it starts to drive me a little nutty.

allhorsestuff said...

I jsut started to read a great book- I'd totally recommned it for you and your "seat". Mary Wanless "Ride with your mind".
I too am using mine(seat-pelvis) differently because of seeing the pictures and wonderful descriptions, Mary uses. I was blocking my mare before so now..I am trying to see if I may be more flowing with her.

Funfunfun ahead!