Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Oh Happiness!

I just had to try out Estes' new headstall.  Lucky for me, the horses are in a pasture just fifteen minutes away from the lodge and Mom and Bill always take treats when they visit, so they eagerly look forward to cars driving up the road toward the pasture.

I set up her bridle at the lodge where it was warm, using Ashee's as a measurement guide so that I wouldn't have to fiddle fart around with it out in the cold.  In order to keep it warm, I hung it around my neck like a necklace and buttoned my duster up over it.  Forgot to get a picture of me wearing my horse's bling, but you can see me take it off in the video to put on Estes.

Bill and I went for a very short ride, but I could have spent hours wandering through the pasture.  RockCrawlinChef and Mom went with us and acted as camerapeople and we thought it might be - you know - rude to ride off and leave them behind.

There's kind of a bobble with getting me mounted up on Estes.  Bill apparently really wanted me to kick him in the head, but we got that straightened out and when he boosted me up, he practically threw me over her back.  Thank goodness the batteries were low in the Flip so it turned off before Mom could see me hanging off the wrong side of my horse.

So, here's 1:54 of happiness...

Still pics tomorrow.


Rachel said...

Oh gosh - look how beautiful that is in the snow from horseback! Love the view between her forward ears! :)

It always cracks me up to see y'all putting the headstalls and bridles on over the halters ;)

And I'll hafta show you our gymnast two-person mount when mom and I make it up there this summer... far less change of overshooting the horse, hee hee. Though I'm quite sad to see that your mom didn't catch it on video for posterity! :)

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Looking good!

Reminds me of Meg and I taking off in the snow last winter. We got snow, but the ground is not frozen so it's a muddy, soupy mess. I wished it would either dry up or freeze. I don't care which, but I'm kinda tired of slop-LOL.

We are headed that way on Friday, spending the night and depending on the weather coming home on Saturday. I'm planning on taking the kids to Casa Bonita...LOL...Meg and I still have our bags of coins.

I'll give you a call on the way over and see if you guys are up for another night at CB. ;-)

Mrs Mom said...

*sigh* Bliss. Pure. BLISS.

Her Royal Highness Queen of all Horsedom, Estes, looks fantastic. And her minions do too! (Don't tell Ranger he is merely a minion though. He'll try to whup up on me next time we get out there!!)

So happy that you got to ride!!!

Mrs Mom said...

Oh and we won't even mention Diva and BECG connecting with out me there.... umm-hmm..

But if you guys CAN connect, I hope you have a BLAST!!!!