Sunday, March 8, 2015

Skeeter Training 1/27/15

Y'all are lucking out.  It's been so long since Skeeter's last training day that I can't possibly bore you with the minutiae.

When Mom and Bill first got here, Bill decided to teach Skeeter how to drag a log, but I think he's confused.

She got to stand tied at the round feeder next to the Bionic Cowgirl for almost an hour, while Copper was getting worked.  It was good for her.  Without a proper hitching post, we're tying to anything we can, but that doesn't necessarily mean that what we tie her to is strong enough to hold her if she throws a fit.  I mean, she already made an accordion of the fence and tried to break the trailer.   Mom was close enough release her if she needed it, and also close enough to correct her for pawing.  Skeeter is impatient and likes to paw - it's an on-going battle with us.

When Grandpa and Jay were ready to take a break with Copper, we decided on a little saddle refresher course.  Skeeter still doesn't like it much.  She's good about standing to place the saddle, but she hates the cinch.  She's not cinchy, she's just a mare.  I need to spend more time with her and the saddle to get her past it.  I also need to find my leather punch and fix the length of my stirrups so we can start learning to mount from the ground.

She learned she can drink with the saddle on and it's not very scary.

Over all, she's doing well.  She will follow someone on the ground with a rider, but hasn't quite made the connection between the bump with the heels and the click.  It'll come soon enough, I think.  I did get my first "ears" pic of the year, which made me very happy.

And afterward, when the focus returned to Copper, she got to stand tied at the trailer.  I'm not sure she thinks that's a whole lot of fun, but standing tied is a fundamental skill.

Here's a quick video of our day:

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