Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Copper Has A New Trick

I came home from work today and both horses were soaking wet.  It was warm and they still have their winter woolies, but it wasn't hot enough for them to be absolutely soaked.  The area around the water trough was an absolute mud pit, so I wandered over to investigate, thinking that it was leaking or something.  The closer I got, the more clear it was that someone - ahem, Copper the water baby - had learned the joys of playing in the trough.

Skeeter was soaked as well, but not quite as thoroughly as Copper.  It looked like they had learned Jesse's trick of putting both front legs in the trough to play and I was surprised because Princess Skeeter does not like her feetsies to be wet.

As I was laughing at them and wondering what the heck they'd been doing, Skeeter was kind enough to demonstrate her new trick. She buried her face in the water and exhaled through her nostrils to make bubbles. 

"Did you see Mom?"
I tried to catch it on video, but she doesn't perform on demand, no matter how many times I asked.  I finally kissed their soaking noses and went back into the house. While loading the dishwasher I heard a noise I couldn't identify coming from the pen, so I peeked out the window.  It seems that Copper learned to empty the water trough with his head.


Mrs Shoes said...

I once had a horse who would do this in his bucket, and then call out for a refill! I did a lot of running & toting back & forth for that horse.

GunDiva said...

I haven't seen evidence of him doing it since thank goodness. It's a bit early to get their wading pool out, because we're guaranteed to get more snow before the end of May. However, I do plan on just keeping it out and full until they destroy it.