Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Final Coundown

Okay, maybe not the final, final countdown, but the countdown until I go to Canon City to get chosen by a new horse.

I have just a couple of things left to do, but for the most part, I'm ready.  I even bought a helmet, which is a first.  I received a very nice Troxel "Sierra" helmet when I was a cast member on Horse Master.  I only wore it a couple of times after the show, because the weight of it gave me a wicked headache, not that it was heavy, just that with my T.O.S. (thoracic outlet syndrome), I don't tolerate neck stress very well.  When one of the wranglers showed up for the season with stitches and doctor's orders to wear a helmet any time she was around a horse, I gladly gave her my beautiful Troxel helmet.

I have no intention of needing a helmet, and agree with a friend of mine who said that if she ever felt she needed a helmet before getting on a horse, she would do more ground work.  I feel the same way.  However, the ground is hard and there are lots of rocks on the trail.  I can do a lot of desensitizing down here on the flat-lands, but up on the trail, there are tons of things that can cause a spook.  I'm not worried about getting bucked off in a temper tantrum, but I do worry about becoming unseated from a spook.

Troxel has a line of "Rebel" helmets, which are lighter weight than the trail helmet I had initially.  While I'm not at all a pink girl, I kept coming back to this helmet, and with my "three times" rule I had to click "buy" when I returned to it for the third time.

Now it's a hurry up and wait game.  Mom is pee-herself-excited about the new horse.  I suspect Bill is too, but he's playing it cool.  Me? I'm terrified. (And excited, but mostly terrified - just like I was approaching each of my due dates with the kids.)


Dreaming said...

Oh. My. Gosh! I am so excited for you!!!!!!!!
I can't wait to see pictures and live it from your blog!
And I am so glad that you got the helmet. Things happen with horses, whether you are on their backs or on the ground. Things are just too unpredictable.

Unknown said...

I am so very excited for you too!! Can't wait!!!

Allenspark Lodge said...



Achieve1dream said...

I'm glad you decided to get the helmet. Remember that Courtney King-Dye wasn't wearing a helmet and was WALKING her horse in a flat dressage arena when it tripped and she ended up with a traumatic brain injury. Not pretty. So it's not even spooking that you have to worry about. Anything can happen with horses so better safe than sorry. Kudos for you getting the helmet!!! :D

I'm really enjoying reading back to see what all I missed and I'm excited to "meet" your new horse hehehe.