Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hobby Horse Blog Hop - Week 7

I'm not actually very good at getting this done every week, averaging every other week, but I'll try to get better.  If you want to join in, please do, just click the link at the bottom.  Dreaming over at Living a Dream hosts this fun hop every week (even if I'm really bad at making it weekly).

1. I was so embarrassed first, I couldn't think of anything horse-related and then I remembered getting hung up in front of my guests at the livery.
2. What did your horse (dog, husband, cat, bird, kid) do recently that 'made your day ' ? Estes is still at winter pasture, so she won't make my day until she comes home for the summer.  But...look at these sweeties enjoying the sun...doesn't that just make you smile?

3. Do you use sheets on your horse(s) during the summer? Mom has borrowed a blanket from Compass on bitterly cold, wet winter days for Queen Estes, but I've never used a sheet on her during the summer.

My question:  How many hours, on average, do you ride - for fun - a week?  Not because you're training for an event or working a horse, but just because you enjoy riding?


~Allison said...

Well, since I am not quite riding yet, I will say that pretty much everything I do with Shy is for fun. Even when she is in training, we still have fun. I spend quite a few hours a week just grazing or taking a trail walk with her.

Dreaming said...

Oh, ouch... your belt buckle story had me cringing. What a good horse to stand so patiently while you got unhitched!! I gut hung up once by my jacket. It got caught around the horn. Hooray for Doc for standing until I somehow got it unzipped!

Great question...I'm afraid if I count up the hours I will realize everything else I could do if I didn't have the boys! Typically I am probably only on their backs or working with them on the ground (not grooming, tacking or feeding) for about 3 hours. Whew... what a lot of work for such a little bit of pleasure! (Worth every minute, though!)

Funder said...

That's not a hobby horse. A hobby horse is a stick horse! I know that's totally pedantic of me but that gif BUGS ME. That's a rocking horse!

I've gotten stuck to my saddle horn by my bra before. So glad I switched to a hornless western, lol!

achieve1dream said...

LOL! I couldn't think of anything horse related either, but now that you mention it I have been hung up on the horn by my shirt before. So embarrassing to totally flash a bunch of strangers. :)

Your cats are adorable!

To answer your question . . . right now I'm not riding much because Chrome isn't old enough. I get to ride a couple of hours a day for a couple of days a week with my best friend right now, but once Chrome can be ridden and is in shape I have a feeling it will be a LOT more. When I was a kid I rode my horses at least five or six days a week and we usually went on long trail rides. We didn't compete at all so all of our riding was done for fun. :)