Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hobby Horse Blog Hop - Week 9

It's that time again!  Of course, with the craziness that is my life, I'm a couple of days late hooking up with Dreaming over at Living a Dream, but at least this week I made it.

1. Tell us a bit about your feelings or experiences regarding musicals. Do you like them? Have you been in one? What recollections might you have about musicals?
I love musicals.  Well, most of them.  Cats, Grease, West Side Story, Wicked - all my favorites.  I love going to the theater to watch them, but my *favorite* thing is to go to the dinner theater.  I love the more intimite atmosphere of the dinner theater.

I've never been in a musical, due to my lack of singing ability.  However, Grease is a staple in our home.  My kids have been raised on it and can sing along with me as we good naturedly butcher the songs :)

2. Tell about a near miss or a fall that was simply stupid. Don't scare me... or other readers! Until my back end feels better, I don't really want to read about a compound fracture, dislocated thing-a-ma-jig or a broken helmet and a concussion. (Although, I am most compassionate and if that happened to you, I am oh, so sorry - and I'm glad you are better now!)
How 'bout a separated rib?  Washoe dumped me a few years ago.  Made me a most excellent tip off the fall, but it wasn't anything I'd care to repeat.

Whatever you do, DON'T read about the Bionic Cowgirl's accident.

3. What song (or part of a song) defines an event in your week?
I have no idea.  I don't usually think in musical terms, though RCC certainly does. I'm sitting here, smoke coming out of my little head trying to come up with something...I got nothing.  Sorry :(

Ok, my question for you: what new skill do you want to learn?  Can be horse-related or not.

I want to learn to side-pass and I want to ride bridle-less this summer.  Maybe only in the pen; too many outside variables out on the trail, but it would be fun.


Dreaming said...

I went to a dinner theater presentation of 'Guys and Dolls' many years ago. Your comment brought the entire thing back to mind - I can even recall several of the actors!
Poor Bionic Girl - riding back must have been so incredibly painful - yet she's smiling!
You are forgiven for your self-reported lack of musical ability.

What new skill do I want to learn? Hmmmm, that's a great question. Well, it's not a new skill for me, but I want to be able to get the boys to flex at the poll. It's a new skill for them!

~Allison said...

Do you think the people who have no musical ability at all enjoy them the most? I also will sing at home to Grease, Mama Mia, Hairspray, and Phantom of the Opera. Gets the dogs riled up, haha.

New skill. . .hmmm, there are so many, horse related and not! I will have to go with learning to drive Shy. I just went to a seminar and I am taking her to a clinic next weekend.

achieve1dream said...

I was the exact same way with the third question. Couldn't come up with anything at all lol.

New skills I want to learn?? Wow, there are a TON! I have been learning sign language for years, but would like to actually become fluent in it (unfortunately I don't know anyone who knows so I'm having to learn out of a book, not easy). I want to learn to ride a horse bridleless, continue to learn dressage, how to belly dance, drive a horse, drive a standard truck, drive the tractor, draw a comic strip, how to dance (all different kinds), etc. etc. etc. There are just so many things I want to try out lol. :D

Tj and Mark said...

Musical lover, huh.