Friday, March 16, 2012

Hobby Horse Blog Hop - Week 4

It's that time of week again!  Dreaming's Hobby Horse Blog Hop!  I'll put the linky thing at the bottom so you can join along.  It's been quite a bit of fun, even if I did miss last week.  Let's hope that my answers this week make up for my absence from last week.
  1. Have you ever been a victim of the weather when you were riding, or participating in some other sport? You can't ride where we do and not get caught in weather.  I've got a couple of blog posts on some of the more hair-raising rides from when I was working as a wrangler: Racing The Storm and Lightning in the Yard.  It's bad enough to be caught in weather by yourself or with a friend, but to be out there with inexperienced riders looking to you for direction?  Well, that just gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, "Cowgirl Up".
  2. If you could take a lesson with anyone in the world, who would that be? I work as a crew member for Julie Goodnight's TV show, Horse Master with Julie Goodnight, and I always learn a ton.  But I'm learning it from the ground.  I love her teaching style, so that puts her at the top of my list.  But...I want to take lessons bareback.  I've been riding bareback for about six years now and I want to be able to do everything that people in a saddle can do.
  3. Which season is your favorite? Springsummerfall.  Riding in the snow can be pretty.  Once.  Okay, maybe twice.  But then I'm over it.  I'd much rather ride in the spring, when things are greening up and blooming. 
The frogs sing in the spring and it's the best sound ever.
Or the summer, when it's too hot to be in town and I can escape up to the mountains for a long ride. 
My favorite Aspen grove
Or the fall, when the leaves are changing and the temps are cooling off. 
At the south end of the Aspen grove
But I'm over riding in the winter.

Ok, now my question to old were you when you first rode by yourself?  (Riding behind an adult or in a snuggli doesn't count.)


Dreaming said...

I would love to ride with Julie Goodnight as well. (I still haven't finished her book.... I keep getting distracted by other things - but will get to it and write about it before next year!)
The storms posts you did were scary, just reading them! I think the experience with the kids would have to be the worst. The first time I rode in Colorado I was on a gaited horse when one of those storms popped up out of nowhere. We gaited, furiously, back to the trailer. It was fun, once we got there safely!
Now to answer your question:I was a late bloomer as a rider. I had terrible hay fever and spent many summer days in my room with an air purifier. I wanted to ride, but my mom knew it could put me over the top. But, when I was 12 she finally relented, figuring I was old enough to face the consequences. I actually think that constant exposure to grasses and other pollen out at the barn acted like allergy shots and made my allergies improve, not worsen!

~Allison said...

I first rode a horse when I was 10 maybe, but I did not ride again until I was 29! I started leasing a Haflinger, which then brought me to the Haflinger I now own.

I am gonna get my hop post up tomorrow :)

Once Upon an Equine said...

Oh my! Those are scary stories from your wrangling days. But funny how the "pucker factor" can improve one's riding. I love the thought of the season springsummerfall. That's a good one. I've ridden Misty this winter more than previous winters. That's still not much riding because I have to haul to an indoor which isn't open very often, so once or twice a week is a lot of winter riding for me. Haven't ridden in the snow, but have ridden with the temperature in the 30s. That just isn't pleasant, even in an indoor arena. I rode in a clinic yesterday and actually got hot and thirsty. I'm still thirsty today. I love it. Bring on the warmth!

I wish I had caught Julie Goodnight's demos at the horse expo. But I was busy with other activities during her time slots. I heard from several people that she was excellent! I hope to catch her next year, or maybe sooner if I get the chance.

To answer your question, I began riding alone in the saddle when I was 8 or 9, when my sister started taking me to a rental stable. I recall one of the horses "taking off with me." I think it really just started loping calmly, but I was terrified. I started screaming and then I heard someone yell, "Pull back on the reins!" And whadaya know? The horse stopped. Then my sister and I had a nice trail ride.

achieve1dream said...

Great answers and I love all of the pictures between her ears lol. Once of the best places to be. :)

To answer your question I was five or six. I still remember my first time to ever fall off. My mom had our pony on a longe rope and had me walking in circles. The pony swung his hindquarters into the circle and the rope pulled me off. Mom was freaking out (not a horse person) and asked if I was okay. I said, "Yeah! It was just like falling off the couch!" LOL I wasn't bothered at all by it.

I feel very fortunate to have started riding so young. I rode all the time until I was 20 or 21 and then I moved and had to give up my horse. So it's been six years of very little riding (luckily last year and this year I've gotten to ride more with a friend). It sucks, but I'm getting so excited to start riding Chrome in May when he turns three. :D

Great question!

Danielle Michelle said...

I love Julie Goodnight's stuff- that's so cool you get to work around her. What a great job. I bet you love going to work! Let me know if she's ever!

Winter riding is fun as long as the sun is out! and the wind doesn't blow!

I dont remember my first ride alone. My mom said it was before I could walk...but I remember riding as a little one at my aunt's place. fourish?