Friday, February 11, 2011

It's Been Forever

Well, maybe not forever, but it sure seems like it.  It has been weeks since my last lesson and finally the weather is cooperating.  I've got me a date with the handsome boy M tomorrow at noon and can't wait to see if I can remember to keep my toes pointed forward.  Who would have thought that it would be so difficult?

Ashinator is going with me tomorrow in Mom's place, since Mom can't drive yet on her new hip, so I should have a picture or two to post.  I might even smile in them instead of chewing on my lips and concentrating so hard I look like a two year old being potty trained.

I've started with a personal trainer (okay, okay, I started this week, but it's still a start), so I'm hoping that I'm not as sore as I was after my one and only lesson.  My trainer has agreed that I can count my riding lessons as working out.  Mostly because I dared him to give it a try and then tell me it wasn't a work out.  Poor kid's never been on a horse.  Musta been neglected as a child.


Funder said...

Hahah, learning to smile while riding has been so hard for me! I usually look like I need some Ulcerguard. But now whenever I see a ride photographer I just plaster this ridiculous grin on and think "this is fun this is fun dammit!" and get decent pics. ;)

Can't wait to hear about your lessons. Give your poor Mom a hug for me.

Linda said...

What? You have a personal trainer?? How do you get one of those?? Good luck at your lesson--sounds like you're going to have fun and keep your toes pointed forward. ;)

Rachel said...

Hey! I have a personal trainer too! His name is Mr. Daddy and he occasionally risks being slapped by poking my pudge and grinning.

But I think I'll keep him because he's cheap... and well, I'm sleeping with him ;)

(I did not just say that)

Sorry your lesson got cancelled - hope you get one soon!