Friday, February 18, 2011

Estes Is A DVD Star!

This afternoon, I opened my Facebook account and got a notice that Heidi Nyland had tagged a picture of me.  That's not so unusual, as she tags all of the crew members when she posts pictures of shows we've worked on.  It still didn't stop me from checking to see which photo she'd tagged, so I clicked on the notification and saw this picture...

Photo courtesy Horse Master with Julie Goodnight "Stand By Me"

Hardly the most flattering picture of me or Estes, what with me hanging like a monkey off of her back and Her Highness' ears pinned back.  There was even a comment by Oregon Sunshine asking why Her Highness Queen Estes was being naughty and walking off.

The photo I was expecting to see was the one that Julie and Heidi have been using on Julie's blog banner and in some of the print media...

Yep, that's us in the lower left corner.  A much more flattering picture than the previous one, isn't it?

I had two picture notifications on my Facebook account; the first one was that horribly unflattering picture of me and Estes.  I'm not so bright sometimes, so I couldn't figure out what I'd done to Heidi to make her post such a picture.  I went ahead, with some trepidation, and clicked on the second picture notification.  And then it all fell into place.

My episode with Estes is one of the shows featured on her upcoming Trail Solutions DVD:
Pre-Release Special on Trail Troubles. Order now and get $5 off and FREE SHIPPING. Release date April 1, 2011. Call to order... 800-225-8827.  Includes: Everything you need to help solve common problems getting to and going out on the trail.

From finding and evaluating the right trail horse to trailer loading, to working with a horse that’s barn and buddy sour, to approaching any obstacle you may face on the trail, Julie Goodnight and the Horse Master cast members will help you learn from real-life challenges such as getting in the trailer, refusing to leave the barn, walking off before you ask, balking at obstacles (such as tarps and water) and more.

• Shop til you Drop (horse buying) Horse shopping
• Loaded Up (trailer loading) Trailer loading
• Stand by me (stand still for mounting) Stand still for mount (This is our episode)
• Rearing to Go (refusing and rearing) Refusing & rearing
• Wave Runner (spooky horse into surf) Approach scary obstacles

Yup, there's my arse hanging off of Estes.  The other pictures are at least cool looking, but there's nothing cool looking about not being able to mount up.  Even though I have a copy of my episode, I'm going to order this DVD, because I've been dying to see the Wave Runner episode since I read about it on her blog.

Since this is such a cool suprise - being included on the DVD - I might forgive Heidi for that horrible, horrible picture.

I should mention that I'm not paid to promo Julie's stuff.  I just thought it was cool and wanted to pass it on.


Rachel said...

HA HA HA HA Sorry, I saw that on FB earlier and didn't get a chance to comment. But I figured it was a 'problem-solving' illustration... and we've all been there!

You two are stars! :)

GunDiva said...

Not exactly the type of picture I was anticipating, that's for sure.

allhorsestuff said...

Oh Man!!! You got yourself a real photo there...I bet you managed to find a solution too!So very cool to be in a DVD! Now,you'll be helping so many more than yourself
I saw Julie Goodnight today at a local Horse Expo.(I'm ordering my new saddle-hoping it's Wa's dream saddle!) Neat gal, she teaches so even I can understand!
Will have to go back tomorrow for more.
I LOVE YOUR HEADER...absolutley gorgeous!

Mrs. Mom said...

*giggle* I'll withhold comment... other than to ask, you DID get up there, right? ;)

Got pony kisses for you yesterday even though I did *not* haul my fat ass up on the pony. But the kids rode a lot.

Funder said...

You're on a DVD! How cool!

the picture - it's not a great photo of your superb horsemanship, but it's not the most unflattering thing either. Dark horse, dark shirt, dark background - at first glance Estes is being attacked by disembodied pink arms and she's got her ears back trying to figure out what's happening!

Rising Rainbow said...

I am not the picture of beauty getting on myself and it doesn't matter if the horse is standing still. At least you have Estes moving for an excuse. Getting old sucks.

Shirley said...

How cool is that, you on a DVD helping people learn. Makes the picture worth it.

Dreaming said...

Congrats on being on the DVD. Hey, at least your face doesn't show - maybe people won't recognize you!!!