Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day After Turnout

Since Mom and Bill turned out the horses at a pasture other than their usual one, they went back the next day to check on them.  Mostly to check to see if Jesse had hopped over the little fence to take the horses back to the lodge.

They'd settled in, but were still happy to eat the treats Mom took them :)

In a few weeks, Ida'll move them down to their permanent winter pasture.


Mrs Mom said...

Well, looks like Estes and that handsome Eli are still divorced huh? Poor poor Eli... lol

Cheyenne said...

Looks all rosy and contentment to me!
Seems that the sun is out, the sky is blue etc! Good place.

Tj and Mark said...

It is very beautiful. I really like the sweet voice of your mom.

allhorsestuff said...

Oh, look at the whoolly mammoth horses!
YOU missed tham, I know it! I too was wondering about the rickety fence!
Glad all looked happy...how do they get to water?

GunDiva said...

I absolutely miss the critters. What I love about their winter coat is burying my fingers in it; it's alway so cozy.

As for water, they have access to a river.