Tuesday, November 2, 2010

8:12 of Relaxation

Compass and I went out for a ride on Saturday and I took along my Flip.  There was a request for more videos a couple of posts back, so I took the request to heart.  Our ride time is getting short - we're looking to send the horses to winter pasture in three weeks.  We've gotta get all the ride time in we can!

Please forgive the corny Flip music; I tried to embed Templeton Thompson's GIRLS & HORSES, but it wasn't playing nice.


Mrs Mom said...

You have to promise me Diva, that you and Compass will ride for me. Please!!

Allenspark Lodge said...

I've got to say, Bill & I had the best time watching this while bouncing right along with the music. Seeing Estes' ears occasionally just made you think you were sitting right on her back for the ride. Have to do this again in the spring!

PS-We always do a 'Fall-going- away' ride at Hall Ranch when we turn the horses loose for the winter. Maybe GD will have camera in hand then?

allhorsestuff said...

Oh this ride was simply AWESOMELY the best. I do so love your wide open spaces and the views...breathtaking.
Oh...the music is perfect...we are jsut riding on by the fallen down shack..there is that mountina agiain...now coming down the rocky trail, this is such a nice long ride!
Estes...love you mare!
Oh, a cool creek..look at her go,and your orange friend and cute Shepherd pup!!!
Your Shadow rider looked pretty good too....OH SNOW..!

I enjoyed this ride IMMENSELY!!!

Oh the winter time...and no horses, that would be sad for me but it is something you must do.


GunDiva said...

allhorsestuff - great job picking up on the mountain. That's Mount Meeker and the key to finding your way out and back. Keep Meeker on your left on the way out and on your right on the way back. Simple rule, really, but new wranglers always seem to forget that and get lost at least once (including me. once.)