Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mrs Mom's A'Comin' to Colorado!

Yes, you heard that right.  Mrs Mom and her DH are bringing their expertise to Colorado to help fix Estee's feetsies.  How lucky am I?

I think we've got Estee's thrush under control and she's not limping as much.  You have to look for it to see it now (otherwise I never would have taken her out for a canter) and she's back to her normal mare-ish self.  Now it's time to take care of that club foot. 

Rather than try to figure out how to do it via phone calls, pictures and videos, Mrs Mom and DH are coming out here to teach us how to take care of her feet ourselves.  We missed them at HCR, but we'll still get to meet them for realzies.  I can't wait!


Funder said...

Eeee, that's so exciting! Are they bringing the kids or is this an adult beverage trip? ;)

I'm jealous!

Mrs Mom said...

Diva, my friend, I have one thing to say.....



And Funder- no kids-- BIG people time only. How strange is THAT????

Rachel said...

You're just a few weeks too late - sure wish we could have met you at HRC! :)

Tj and Mark said...

have fun.

Linda said...

Sounds like that will be great fun for all! And, you'll learn so much. Make sure you blog about it!