Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Did It!!!

Back in June, I took my first canter on Estes in a saddle.  I've been whining off and on about not having an arena to learn new things in, because, basically I'm a chicken and don't want to get hurt trying new things riding in the mountains.  After my ride with Compass in June I decided that my summer goal was going to be to ride Estes bareback at the canter.  Summer's technically over, but we haven't taken the horses down to winter pasture yet, so I'm going to continue to think of it as summer, okay?

Our first attempt was a bust.  I started at a trot, cued up for a canter and Estes moved into her nice Morgan shuffle, so I cued up for a canter again and she just shuffled faster.  Bill attempted video, but watch it at your own risk.  In his own words, "it's the planet's most nauseating video".

I pretty much gave up after the aborted attempt.  I was ready, but she was not.  However, I thought I'd give it another go and we had success!!!!!  This video's not quite as nauseating as the first, but don't play it full screen, you'll regret it.

We did it!  Estes was so happy to be allowed to stretch her legs out that we did it again.  She would have kept going, but I thought better of it.  Okay, honestly, my butt thought better of it.  Even with a bareback pad, it hurt when I got out of position and whacked my seat bones on her back.

We've still got some time before winter pasture and we'll be doing this again!


Rachel said...

UGHHHHHH The second video isn't working for me. WAAAAH!

And that first video had me laughing out loud because I couldn't even make out what gait you guys were in, hee hee. Gotta get Ranger to coordinate his walktrotshufflecanter with Estes'!

I am truly shocked you waited so long to try a canter. Cuz I thought I was waaaay more a weenie than you (hee hee). I am totally teasing you because I feel majorly unschooled next to you and I have to make myself feel better about SOMETHING, right?

All this to say - whether I saw it on video or not - I am so excited for you! Get more cantering rides in before the winter pasture and I bet she'll be even more excited to try! :)

Allenspark Lodge said...

Fantastic Rachel! You picked up on the fact that Bill had to ALSO be cantering to keep up. He was also bareback (completely, even minus his sheepskin) and trying to hold a camera. I have no clue how he managed to NOT drop the camera and grab mane. Estes is definitely feeling much better after the stretch-out.

Mrs. Mom said...

There is nothing- and I do mean NOTHING- better in the world to make all the garbage of everyday life go far far away than a fast canter on a good horse.

YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!

BTW- I expect to see that canter action when we get out there too! ;)

Linda said...

That's awesome. You should retitle it--First Bareback Canter! Pretty cool. BTW, what kind of bareback pad do you use?

TjandMark said...

Congrats! I understand the hesitation on trying new things in the hills.

Shirley said...

I've been trying to work up the nerve to canter Beamer bareback while I wait for his saddle to be built. So far, just a fast trot!. But I've been having fun with bridleless spins and back-ups! :0)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...
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GunDiva said...

This isn't going to be helpful at all, but I use the red one with the black strap. It's Bill's. I normally don't use one, but didn't want to have to do laundry after my ride. Didn't work, I held so tight with my calves that I managed to grind in a whole heap of dirt anyway.

Funder said...

That is SO cool! You are infinitely braver than me - I haven't ridden bareback (in an arena, walk only) for over a year. Very awesome!

Linda said...

:) The red one with the black strap? That should be easy to find. I don't use one either, but it's not the most pleasant experience. I'm wanting to get one this year.