Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Joining the HellHat Posse, Part II

Jay decided he needed a HellHat as well, so when we weren't riding on Saturday, we spent the day shopping for a hat suitable for him to make one. We hit a Western store and Jay found, in his words, a "fabulous" hat that made us both smile.

Oh boy, did we both love this hat, but decided it was just a little too big.

We wandered around the store looking for a more appropriate hat, and I wandered off to the ladies' section to find a second hat, so I could make my "winter" HellHat. Instead, I found THE BEST BOOTS EVER! I instantly fell in love with them and fawned over them, before heaving a big sigh and putting them back. Even on sale, they were too spendy for me. However, my hubby loves me and bought 'em for me.

Seriously. Best boots ever.
While I scored at the store, Jay did not. We had more running around to do, and horses to ride, but afterward, we ran to the County Fair to see if they had any hats that would work. It took us no time at all to find just the right hat for Jay's HellHat.

It obviously provides shade, as you can't see his face at all.
His hat was much more tightly woven than our costume hats, so he had to make relief cuts for it to fit.
I remembered, after making mine, that a lot of people use electrical tape because it conforms better.
My contribution to Jay's HellHat was figuring out how to lengthen the hat band.
His completed HellHat.
I love that he's joined the HellHat Posse with me. He was good about wearing a helmet, but the HellHats are so much more fun and less stick-out-like-a-sore-thumb.

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Allenspark Lodge said...

Looks good, Jay. I like that you matched your horse's other halter.
Bionic Cowgirl