Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Joining the HellHat Posse, Part 1

When I got Skeeter, I made the decision to wear a helmet every time I ride. There's really no excuse not to, except that helmets and Western riders are kind of like oil and water. However, I'm getting older and the thought of a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) sound like no fun at all. After Asset's fall from Ranger a few years ago, I've been very pro-kids wearing helmets, but it took me getting a green horse to jump on the helmet bandwagon.

My friend Tracey from Mustang Diaries introduced me to "Karen's HellHat Posse" on FB. I'd never seen such cool helmets ... er ... hats. From the HellHat Posse FB page:
My husband Mark Plumlee made me my first HellHat after I fractured my skull, just 5 weeks before the CMSA World competition in October 2013. He made my first HellHat that November 2013. In 2014 I won my first World Championship as a Senior Lady 2 wearing my HellHats! It truly gave me the confidence to get back in the saddle. As a spectator once told me, "You know what that hat tells me? It tells me that "somebody Loves You" and "That's one Hell of a Hat!".
From the time I first laid eyes on a picture of one, I knew I had to make my own so one day last week Asset and I assembled the materials and made our own HellHats.

Helmets and costume cowboy hats from Hobby Lobby for $9.99

Asset's embellishments.

The brown ribbon's job is to cover the duck tape we'll use to attach the hat to the helmet.

Step one: cut the crown off the hat. Then you must wear the crown.

Attach hat to helmet securely.

Duck tape doesn't stretch and conform well, so there was some tucking and folding involved.

Asset sewing her charm locket onto her bow. Inside is a note that says, "I am a cowgirl".

Checking the layout.

The bow needed just a touch more hot glue to keep it from flopping.
Asset and Nebalee whipped hers together in no time. By the time I was done cutting up a pair of Bill's old jeans, Asset's HellHat was nearly complete.

Guns and Angel wings (my nod to Daryl Dixon) - what else does a GunDiva need on her HellHat?

Autobot was kind enough to help me with the duck tape step.

Checking the layout before I committed to sewing on the guns charm.

Nebalee and Autobot were the glue gun experts

Mine isn't fancy, but it's pretty much me!
We're both thrilled with how they turned out!

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