Thursday, May 12, 2016

Photo Shoot

This is not the post I should be doing, but it's the one I'm going to do. I'm behind a bit - there's a post about Skeeter's trailer-loading lesson last week, and one about Mom and Bill working with the horses yesterday, but I don't feel like doing those quite yet. Instead, I bring you our fashion shoot.

The U.S. Wild Horse and Burro Association sells these beautiful red, white, and blue "American Mustang" halters. I bought one for each of Mom and Bill's horses for Christmas last year, and Jay and I each received one for volunteering with USWHBA at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo (Colorado Mustang Days).

They are not our "every day" halters, but will be used for any "ambassador" duties the horses have; any place they go with the USWHBA. We hadn't put them on the horses until today. For Mother's Day, I bought Mom lead ropes for Jesse and Washoe that match the halters, and while I was doing that, bought lead ropes for us as well.

Since both horses' halters and lead ropes are identical, I put Skeeter's "gotcha" present on hers so we can tell them apart. We need to get one for Copper's halter as well, because when we're at a mustang event everyone has these halters and it would be very easy to end up with the wrong halter.

Skeeter's halter tag; a gift from my dear friend Glenna (Tara Janzen)

The back of the tag.

Can you tell Copper's not very excited about his photo shoot?

"Please Dad, can we be done?"

I just love this tag :)

Big Red Horse was d-o-n-e with the photo shoot.


Momma Fargo said...

So funny! Their personalities come out when you torture them with picture taking. Love the halters and bling bling. Both great hooved ones are looking great!

Dreaming said...

Trying to get a horse to behave with a camera around isn't easy! I have so many pictures of blah looks, or of noses and nostril hairs as they sniff the camera!
Love the halter bling!

Linda said...

Very cool. I love the halter tags. I have a friend who had one done for her halter, but yours are fancy!

Allenspark Lodge said...

Looking good! I've been meaning to get tags done for ours since Christmas. Thanks for the reminder. Glenna finds the coolest things.
Bionic Cowgirl

Mrs Shoes said...

I love the halter tag - will you share with us where they are available please?

GunDiva said...

Mrs. Shoes, I have no idea where Glenna bought it. It was a gift. I'm looking for one for Copper's halter. We discussed doing one of the engrave-it-yourself dog tags at the pet store.