Monday, June 23, 2014

I Am NEVER Going to Get Caught Up!

So, so much stuff has happened with Skeeter and just like my journaling fell off, so did my blog posting.  ARGH!

Here are the highlights of what she's learned since she came home on May 8th:
  • Haltering

  • Stand (this is a constant work in progress)
  • Grooming
  • Fly spray (mostly, I've only done it while at liberty)
  • letting other people handle her
  • "hooking up" with whoever is in charge
  • Peek-A-Boo with Grandpa Beel
  • Standing tied

  • short periods of time outside the gentling pen

  • turn-out 24/7
  • the water hose is fun

  • no more gentling pen at all - she's graduated! 

In fact, we took down her pen just yesterday.  She's so curious and unafraid that she decided she would "help" us take down her pen.

Whatcha doin' Dad?

Lookin' good, Dad.  Keep up the good work.
Tonight, we're bringing in hay.  She'll have to put together everything she's learned while we unload.  She's going to have to stand tied at the trailer while we open the panels, drive the truck in, unload, drive the truck out and reattach the panels.  Tonight is truly going to be a test for her - hopefully, she'll pass with flying colors.


Allison B said...

You have been busy with her! Love the water hose video :)
Let us know how she does with bringing the hay in, I'm sure she will do fine.

Valerie Tan said...

She's doing great! Such a good girl.

Cindy D. said...

When it comes to blogging I have come to realize that no news usually means that progress is being made and we will eventually get to hear about it all. I am so glad to see how well she is coming along.

I want a SWB mustang someday.

TjandMark C said...

How did the haying with skeeter go?

GunDiva said...

We had some bad storms roll in, so we didn't get the hay moved until last night. She stood at the trailer like a rock star. There were a few moments when she pulled back and tested the tie and she pawed at the trailer a couple of times, but mostly, she stood as well as many horses I know. I was pretty proud of her.

achieve1dream said...

Skeeter is so awesome!!! You picked out a great one... or a great one picked out you. :D I'm so happy for you!