Wednesday, May 7, 2014

We're in the Homestretch

Mom and Bill brought Ranger down yesterday to get settled in. 

He didn't really enjoy the trailer ride down, as he hates my tiny trailer.  Hates it enough that he apparently broke a lead rope refusing to load up. 

Hates it enough that he felt the need to ride the entire way with his butt braced up against the back door, resulting in an interesting "tail 'do".

He looks like a kid with bad bed head!  But he didn't want to get out of the trailer, either.  I guess once he decided that he had to ride in it, he was going to stay it in thankyouverymuch.  Bill ended up having to pull on his tail AND give the back command, because Ranger was not going to respond to the verbal command only.

Once out of the trailer, though, Ranger was a happy boy.  Has a whole field of green stuffs to eat.  A whole field!  That he doesn't have to share with anyone! (Little does he know...)

After we got Ranger settled and I was able to get to the Post Office, I was excited to see that Skeeter's new "clothes" arrived.  I bought her a new rope halter and lead that I think will be stunning against her black.  I have to brag on Julie Goodnight's store a little bit.  When I bought my helmet, it was through her online store and I received it in under a week, which I thought was pretty good.  The halter/lead rope combination, though, blew my mind.  I ordered it late Saturday night and it was waiting in my mailbox yesterday (Tuesday).  I know the size of Julie's operation, and it ain't big.  To process and ship the order so quickly is impressive!

L.E. (Ranger's name for Elli) has been pretty quick with being trained.  Ranger just looks her way with those ears secret weapons.  I think he's pleased with the way she's progressing in her training.

In fact, this morning, he tried training me when I stopped by with his favorite treats of all time.

Waaaaiiiiitttt ... crud, he's already got me trained!

He sure is a sweetheart, though. Who can resist this face?

I would have some treats, please.

He's so generous with rewarding our good behavior, too.  Look at his soft eye.

He was telling me I was doing good for a two-legger.

He's enjoying being king of the hill and getting all of the attention.  Boy, is his world about to be rocked!


Allenspark Lodge said...

Nice eye shot! You must have had a granola bar in hand...


GunDiva said...

He might have been licking the wrapper.

Dreaming said...

I'm thinking you can hardly stand it. Tomorrow is Thursday...woohoo!
The color of the halter and rope are stunning. Good pick!

Rachel said...

Oh that boy. I miss him. I'm rather fond of him. Him and his crazay tail do.

And those ears...

He is going to be perturbed to share his green stuffs in a few hours... but how FUN is that going to be for everyone else? :)

Shirley said...

Waiting waiting waiting! I hope Ranger is kind to your new girl! Wouldn't want her to get a bad first impression, right Ranger?

GunDiva said...

Ranger got to go out to Estes' old pen last night for a few minutes to graze and was pretty happy. That's where we'll be stashing him while all of the commotion is going on with getting Skeeter unloaded.

I think he'll be just fine. After all, he won't have to share his green stuffs with her - her pen is a dry lot, so she just gets hay.

So far, he's won over all of the human hearts, he just needs to keep the charm up for Skeeter :)

Momma Fargo said...

Love this new journey for you!