Sunday, March 31, 2013

Settled In

24 hours in and yes, I'm loving having Her Highness here.

I got up this morning to a text from her Landlord that she was doing great, so I waited to go over until I was on my way to Easter dinner at Nebalee's house.  That gave me time to finish baking the cupcakes and making the jalapeno poppers without being rushed.

I pulled up and saw her sleeping in the yard, enjoying the sun.

I think she might be part cat - give her a sunbeam and it's nap time.
She roused herself enough when I got to the gate to escort me to the back fence.  It was obvious she *had* to show me something.

"See them, Mom?"
There's a whole herd over there ignoring Her Highness.

She had introduced herself quite loudly to the other horse on the property, but no matter how much she hollered, those darn horses across the road would not respond to her.  She was not pleased and kept taking me back there like she was telling on them.

I checked her hay and water and told her I'd be back after dinner.  I kinda forgot to tell her than when I came back, it would be with Ivermectin.

First order of business when I got back was getting rid of as much hair as possible so she wouldn't look like a curly.  I'm fairly certain the birds will be thanking me once they get a look at the amount of hair I curried off of that girl.

It's harder to see here, but there's, like, half a horse on the ground.
I have a little "issue" with loose hair.  So as much as I love my girl, I HAD to wear gloves while grooming.  And I had to keep moving around so that the breeze would take the hair away from my mouth.  'Cause that's just gross.

Her hooves are long and were packed with God-knows-what; they need some serious work, but I think that if I work on them a little bit every day, they'll start looking better.  I'm still not super confident with hooves, but I am fairly certain that if I go in baby steps I won't screw her up too badly.  At first, I was thinking she was thrushy, but I think that what I saw was unshed sole.  I poked and prodded around her hooves and she doesn't seem tender.

After a good brushing, we took a quick walk around her new home.

Her pen - she loves all the new grass coming up.

The little house she thought she could follow me into yesterday.
The stall she won't go into without me.

This is Buck, he's on the other side of the property.
The farm road we'll be doing our Ease Into 5K training on.


Allenspark Lodge said...

Mmmmm. Jalapeno poppers. Wrapped in bacon. Blood flow reduced to a trickle by cholesterol just by looking at them. Ate 6 or 7.



~Allison said...

She is sooo furry!! I hate the hair flying around, too. It gets everywhere and int he mouth is the worst. The hardest part is trying to get the hair out of your mouth is hair hands. Impossible.
Estes is so cute, trying to show you all around her new digs.

Rachel said...

I was wondering how on earth you survived currying all that hair off her! I am glad she settled in so great to her new place and that she is so close to you!