Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ride of the Week: Creek Crossing Trail Ride

TJ from The Ranch on Salmon Creek brings us this week's pictoral ride.  If these pictures take time to load, be patient - they are so worth it.  TJ tells me she cut out a lot of pictures before she sent them to me and told me I could cut some if I wanted to, but I just couldn't, they're all amazing.  I'm certain that you'll all be ready to ride with them after you get a gander at these pictures.

Thank you so much, TJ, for sharing these pictures with us.  I'm so jealous of this ride; it looks like so much fun.

Stay tuned for a really exciting announcement tomorrow!  Be sure to check back in with us tomorrow, you won't regret it.


Mrs Mom said...

K, we're gonna get a bus load of us together, and all head out on a road trip just so we can ride with TJ and her crew.

Holy cow that was sure some awesomely pretty country TJ. Thanks for sharing those pix with all of us. I LOVED the shots of those red ears, left one forward, right one back on you.... Smart horse!

Smooch Sweet William from me ;)

The Wades said...

What a great idea for a blog you have here. I'm so glad Tj directed me over.

Their ranch is beyond gorgeous! I am in shock every time they post pictures. It doesn't get much more picturesque than The Ranch At Salmon Creek.

Allenspark Lodge said...

What a gorgeous ride! Even my water-loving horse would hesitate in that deep, fast water. Beautiful country; are you in Oregon? Bill & I looked at some really neat stuff there when visiting his aunt a few years ago. Thought it would be a great place to run a Barn, Bed & Breakfast, but it is soooo far away from the rest of our family. I am so glad you get out and enjoy your ranch! We know how much work it is, too.

Melissa said...

Oh wow, how gorgeous. I may need to go visit them.

(This is what horses are for... covering ground, not going in circles in an arena!)

GunDiva said...

I've got the riding itch something fierce after looking at these pictures. I can't say thank you enough for sharing them with us!

Melissa, I so agree with you about the arena thing. My daughter thought she wanted to barrel race until she realized that she'd have to be in an arena. She told me, "Mom, you can't take a mountain riding kid like me and put me in a fence!" Wise child.

Jen said...

Those photos make me want to go riding. I haven't been on a horse since I was a teenager, but I may add that to my itinerary for this summer's road trip.

Shirley said...

Nice! Looks like a great place to ride.

Janice said...

Beautiful country, looks like a great place to ride. That water looks high and cold, I would be swimming on my little mare.

Anonymous said...

that looks awesome!!