Sunday, February 7, 2010

Some Of My Favorite Views

Since I started this blog in August of last year, I've been talking about the areas I regularly ride in.  One of the things that I never left the livery without was my camera and extra batteries.  Today, I was going through some of my pictures, looking for a new header picture and found a whole slew of pictures that I thought I'd share.  I'm lucky to live in what I'm pretty sure is the most beautiful place in Colorado.  I hope you enjoy them.

Along Wild Basin Trail

Part of the Wild Basin Trail feels like an Enchanted Forest

Burn area on the way to Thunder Lake

Before a storm at Thunder Lake

View on the way to Finch Lake

Runoff at Indian Peaks


Allenspark Lodge said...

Thank you for sharing. How long til spring?

Linda said...

Beautiful scenery--the best thing about riding horses is the places you can go on them--and not scare off all the wildlife. Gorgeous country there.

GunDiva said...

I usually forget about the camera when we come across wildlife. I've seen Bighorn sheep, deer, elk, marmot and a dead beaver. Never have seen a live one, though. Thank goodness I've never run across a mountain lion that I can see; I've seen their tracks and had the horses act up because they're nearby, but haven't seen one in the flesh.

Nicole said...

I wish it looked like that now! We live in Littleton and it's just brown and dry. I thought we were suppose to get a lot of snow today, I dont think we even got an inch. Maybe tomorrow............

Have a wonderful week!

P.s. I saw your comment over at scary mommy's blog!

Anonymous said...

those are beautiful!

Funder said...

When we moved across the country last year, I drove the day we left Wichita and drove to Denver. I thought Colorado was one of the most magically beautiful places I've ever seen! I love seeing pictures of Colorado, especially the rural stuff you can't see off of I-80. :)