Thursday, February 25, 2016

Jay's New Saddle (Maybe)

My friend, Mrs Mom/Momma Bear/whatevershescallingherselfthisweek, has a bunch of tack that she's trying to get rid of for a friend of hers. Jay and Copper don't have a saddle, so I thought I'd do the friend of a friend thing and buy one of the used ones. She had an Aussie that looked like it would fit both Copper and Jay, so I bought it and had it shipped from Georgia to Colorado (God, the shipping was painful).

I've never bought a saddle in my life, now that I think about it. I've always used Mom's hand-me-downs from the livery. Hmm.

Anyway, when the UPS truck pulled up this morning, we were both pretty excited to see Jay's new-to-him saddle in real life.

The box was so big it almost didn't fit through our doorways.
The saddle looks to be in good shape, though there are straps that I don't know anything about.

Please excuse the cat-damaged couch.
At one point, I laid down a strap I had no clue about, shot a picture off to Mrs Mom and asked, "what the fuck this is?"

Apparently it's an over-girth. I've heard of 'em, not sure I've ever dealt with one by itself. Thank God for YouTube - I managed to find answers to all my questions about this crazy saddle and am now feeling much more confident.

Jay will take it with him to his lesson on Saturday to see if it fits Copper. If it does, we're golden. If not, Mr Mrs Mom wants it, so it'll get shipped back to Georgia.

And in other news ...

Gizmo has claimed the box as her own.


Ruthlynn said...

Howdy, we are learning the Aussie saddle as well. There are some helpful websites for this stuff: and

Good Luck to you on your new equipment.

GunDiva said...

Thanks, Ruthlynn. We watched more videos last night and are feeling more confident. The one my mom has is a crossbreed, so it cinches ("girths") like a western saddle. Jay's (after we did some video research) is a close-contact Aussie, which accounts for the overgirth.

It's always a good day when you learn something new.