Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Nite Beams

While I was at SHOT Show in January, Mez and I ran across a great product called Nite Beams.  Though the product is primarily aimed at joggers, I immediately thought of my endurance friends.  Or really, anyone who rides at night.

Nite Beams are LED lights that can be seen up to 1/4 mile in each direction.  If you have a dark horse like I do, or like to ride at night (*cough* *cough* crazy endurance peeps), this could be a great product.  We spoke to the owner for quite a while - he's passionate about safety of people and animals.  When I mentioned that I thought it would be a great horse product, he said that he had made some halters in the past, but didn't really have a market for them.  (P.S. he still has a few in stock, you just have to ask nicely for them - I think I'll order one just to try it out.)

Here's a quick video of his products:

There area multitude of ways you can use the products.  I'm planning on ordering two sets of the arm bands an putting them around Skeeter's legs, just above the hoof, so that she can be seen from any direction.  Bill suggested using the dog leashes as reins.  As long as you're comfortable using split reins, I could see that working.  I also just saw on FB horses that had LED strips hanging from their tails.

For you endurance peeps who use glow-sticks, couldn't you just attach these to your breast collars?

The lights will last for thousands of hours, but the batteries will eventually need to be replaced, and that's okay.  I'm seeing this as a one-time investment (unless Skeeter destroys them, which is a real possibility).

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