Monday, November 17, 2014

Skeeter's Baby Pictures

On some of the FB pages I follow, I've seen that people are able to find pictures of their horses before they were rounded up and I got curious to see if there were any of Princess Skeeter.

I went to the Piceance/East Douglas FB page to see if any of their photographers had managed to capture her, but their page only goes back to 2011 and she was rounded up in 2010.  I was bummed, but determined.

I remembered that I had seen a YouTube video of a gather (this was while everyone was up in arms about the Wyoming Checkerboard gather), so I decided to see if anyone had videotaped her gather.

They hadn't.

However, the BLM produced a "pre-gather" video explaining the necessity of the gather, so I watched it and there she was!

Her blaze back then took up most of her face (she's grown into it), but you can see it's the identical "Unicorn facing to the right" blaze (thanks for that description Funder).  Here's the video, let's see if you can find her:

There's a lot of talking, but I found her eight times in the video.  I'll post in the comments where I found her, so you can enjoy your scavenger hunt.


GunDiva said...

0:16 with grey mare
1:00 on the left side of the screen, you get a good look at her blaze
1:46 with grey mare
2:05 clear shot of blaze
3:51 she's always been curious, hasn't she?
5:06 running with the herd; can't see her blaze, but I assume it's her because she's with the same grey mare

Momma Fargo said...

That is very cool! It's kind of surreal to see her out in the wild. And the video makes me miss the west even more. :( On a positive note, I love it and the video is good for those Cloud folks.

Valerie Tan said...

I spotted her, such a cute youngster.

achieve1dream said...

Awwwww she was such an adorable baby!!!!!! That is so cool that you found a video of her. Make sure to save it to your computer in case it gets taken off of Youtube for some reason. Good job hunting it down. :D

Allison B said...

I love baby pictures! Lucky that you were able to find them. How cool :)

Dreaming said...

You are right about her being curious! What fun to see her as a youngin! The video is better than pictures!

Rachel said...

Aww, this makes me smile! I love seeing her "in living color" as a baby... what a cutie!