Thursday, September 18, 2014

Play Day

Mom and Bill have been so good about helping us with the horses.  Our schedules pretty much suck right now and focused training time is limited, so when they had a free day, we took them up on it.  Eventually, they'll get a blog written up on the day.  Until then, here are a couple of videos that I put together of the videos they took.  (How's that for confusing?)

Today, Jay and I were able to work with our babies for a bit.  Copper worked on leading instead of dragging and Skeeter worked on wearing the saddle some more.  She was kind of scooting around when I first threw the saddle and it was all jacked up, so we had to strip the saddle and start all over again.  She stood much nicer the second time.  We don't have a hitch rack, so she has to ground tie while I'm saddling her and ground tying is not her strong suit.

She asked to go out of the pen, so we went for a walkabout, which caused Copper to lose his mind a bit.  She's better out of the pen for me, but not perfect.  I can't tell if she's crowding me because she's being a pushy bitch or because she's looking for reassurance.  Next time we're out of the pen, I'll have someone video tape it. 


Shirley said...

Lots of progress.

Anonymous said...

Skeeter is coming on a treat!