Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Trail Ride in Pictures

Before the Homecoming Queen appeared, Beel and I had a nice ride on the brown(ish) horses.  Took Estes a bit to warm up and stretch out, but we ended up having a nice ride.

First we went down Pinky's Wash...

And then we stopped for a picnic...
I love my detachable reins,
unclip them from the bridle, add to the halter

Ranger was too busy eating to pose

Proof Beel shared his granola bar.
Then we hopped back on, wove through the Aspens, and crossed the creek...

We walked along the creek and headed back home.  But Estes had to be the first place loser and she didn't like it one bit.
Look at those cranky ears.
She's a pissy mare.
It was a really good ride, even she thought so.


allhorsestuff said...

"She's a sissy mare" Totally cracked me up !
Mine is fine in the back going out but is rather naughty in back, coming home.

Loved going on the gorgeous ride with you!!

Dreaming said...

Your last picture makes it look like Estes is actually pushing Ranger!

~Allison said...

Dreaming, it sure does!!

Love the pics, it is so beautiful out there! One day, I will leave big(ish) city and and suburbia and settle in the country.

Shirley said...

You sure do have some nice trails to ride.