Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's Been A While

Not just for posting, but for seeing my mare.  In fact, it's been long enough that when I went out to see her the other day, this is what I saw...

She didn't even twitch an ear when I called her name.  Normally, her ears perk up and she looks for me when I step out of the Lodge and give her a holler.

So I climbed into the pen to get my hands on her.
I don't see you
The hay wasn't that interesting.  Trust me - I was out there WELL after feeding time - she should have at least acknowledged my presence, right?  Well, this is Queen Estes we're talking about.  She went about ignoring me until I backed her out of the feeder and made her interact with me on some level.

When I let her back into the feeder, she had a slightly better attitude...
There!  You happy? I unpinned my ears and will listen now.  Sheesh!
Guess I'd better make an effort to get her out of the pen this weekend.  At least the weather will be nice enough to go for a ride without the risk of frostbite.


Shirley said...

Oooh, she put you in your place!

cheyenne jones said...

She isnt a happy Bunny!

GunDiva said...

No, the Queen was not happy. At. All.

Mom had said she was getting sassy, which I don't mind. But rude and not acknowledging the leader of the herd - unacceptable. Just a quick reminder to her that the two leggeds control the food did wonders for her attitude.

So will getting her out of the pen this weekend (and the others - the poor grays are going crazy with Mom not being able to ride).

Rachel said...


I'd empathize, except that Kona pretty much only does that queenly thing to OTHER people. She knows who carries carrots... she doesn't ever make the mistake of ignoring me.

(Shh, don't tell Julie Goodnight)

Hope you got your ride!

Linda said...

I've seen that end before...too many times! Are you sure it's going to be above frost bite back there? The pictures look COLD.

Equine Mum said...

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Momma Fargo said...

LOL.A girl after my own heart. The feed bucket. Love it!