Sunday, September 18, 2011

Three Ride Day

Ride 1
Queen Estes still isn't feeling the best, but after a couple of weeks of lounging around the pen, she had to get out.  She was not at all up to doing the ride we had planned, but I had to take her out for a short ride.  I decided I'd just take her around the Ski Road loop, about two miles, at a walk to just stretch her legs out.  Maybe walk off some of the soreness from standing around eating for two weeks.

I threw a bareback pad on and headed out at a walk.  She did great for the first block or so and then she must have decided the soreness was gone and started really stepping it up.  By the time we actually got to Ski Road, I had to work to keep her to a walk.  We turned the corner and I let her move into a trot.  Three, four strides at most and she broke into a canter.  I gave it about two second's worth of thought and let her go.  Sometimes you just gotta run.  We were halfway up the hill before I realized that we were cantering.  Bareback.  And I wasn't even freaking out about it.  I was actually having a good time.

It wasn't very long, maybe only a quarter of mile, and she was really building a good head of steam before I started to bring her back down to a walk.  After being stagnant for so long, the last thing I wanted to do was lame her up.

The ride was fabulous, even if it only lasted fifteen minutes.

Ride 2
I invited The Little Bastard El Poquito Diablo and his girlfriend up for a ride.  I figure it's only fair that I get to torture him, after months of him kicking my ass in the gym.  I was determined to make him hurt, I'll admit it.  I stuck him up on a big ole horse, Gem, and planned to take him on a couple of tough trails.  The Bionic Cowgirl actually expressed concern that I might be leading El Poquito Diablo and his girlfriend through some trails that weren't appropriate for beginner riders.  She was so right.  I counted on the fact that if El Poquito Diablo could compete as a National Gymnast for most of his life, he could stay on top of a horse for two hours.

Coming across the Willow Tree Trail

Gem hasn't lost him yet.

Top of the trail

Looking back over the beaver ponds/dams

Peek-a-boo...I see Gem

Duck, El Poquito Diablo!

It was nice of Mom to worry, but he managed to follow the first rule of horseback riding: Keep the horse between you and the ground.  Bill, however, failed that rule not once, but twice.  Yep, fell clean off of his scary, fire breathing mustang.

Ride 3
As we rode back into the yard, we could see Mom grooming her two grays.  I'd told her that I'd go out with her after I got back from the big ride.  We hung out and chatted a bit while I waited for my ibuprofen to kick in, bid El Poquito Diablo and his girlfriend goodbye and then headed out for our ride.

My knees were on fire, so we settled on a short ride.  One just long enough to get them limbered up and out of the pen for a while.  Washoe behaved himself beautifully - mostly because I kept him moving along quickly enough that he didn't have time to even think about eating or being a gooberhead.

By the time Mom and I went out, I was pretty much camera'd out, so I only managed to snag one good one of her.

We got back just as it started spitting rain.  Talk about perfect timing!

Three rides in one day, on three different horses, yeah, my knees are telling me about it.  But my heart is happy.


Allenspark Lodge said...

Sorry about the knees, dear, but I sure needed that ride...and so did the grays! I'm still laughing at poor Beel's 'misfortunes'!!!

Allenspark Lodge said...

I got to go for 3 rides on that ride, too.


GunDiva said...

Yes. Yes, you did, Beel.

Cheyenne said...

Its always the knees! Mine too.

allhorsestuff said...

Man, great rides all!!

. I'm so relieved about the Queens health! Estee sure gave ya a heart studder. Whew.
Loved your little 2 mi bareback ride, gallop along-girl!

Deanna said...

Great post ~ I really enjoyed going on those 3 rides with you! It's unfair I know, cuz my knees don't hurt at all!

Shirley said...

Lucky you! I whine a lot because I don't have anywhere interesting to ride until my husband puts a hitch on the truck.... so I can use my horse trailer.... sigh

Tj and Mark said...

It is getting close to sunset here and I was debating whether or not I was going to skip my ride today, but now I know. NOT. Here I go...

Rachel said...

I'm just sitting here still grinning that you rode Estes uphill at a bareback canter.


And if you REALLY wanted to give EPD a challenge, you should have given him Baggins. Gem was a peach.