Saturday, July 23, 2011

Estee and Kiddos

Estes is truly the equine version of me.  A crusty old bitch on the outside, but a total marshmallow on the inside (don't tell anyone!).  Usually she does a pretty good job of hiding her soft, gooey insides, but she totally blew it a couple of weeks ago.  A friend of mine from way back (we're talking 19 years - yes, I just cried a little bit, I'm not old enough to have known anyone for 19 years!) came to visit her family and brought her kids up for a "ride".  With kids, normally we just throw them on bareback and lead them around the block.  Gives the kids the feeling that they got to ride without the trauma of taking them up on the mountain.  Trust me, going up on the mountain the first time you've ever climbed up on a horse can be very traumatic.

Jen's daughter, E, happily climbed up on Washoe and waited for D to get settled on Estes.  Only, he was having no part of it.  We managed to get him up on her, but that was as far as we could go.  His poor little nerves were shot just at the thought of being on her - and she's a short little mare.  Despite being absolutely terrified, he managed to find a smile for the camera...

Mom headed out, leading Washoe with E on board and I followed up riding Estes. 

We made it around the block intact and stopped just long enough for Jen to snap a picture.

I was able to convince D to give Estes a treat for letting him sit up on her.  I just love how soft her eyes are and how gentle she's being taking the treat from his hand.


Rachel said...

I love this WHOLE post.

Because I've bugged you before about how much Estes and Kona look alike... and now I know they've got the same teddybearness.

There's just something magical (and beautiful and rare) about a horse who has a tenderness toward children.

What a doll.

Tj and Mark said...

Horses have such amazing intuition. My little donkey mama doesn't like many people, but most kids she will let come up to her and sometimes I plop them on top and she is gentle as a lamb. I think it is a child's innocence or something. Cool shots of Estes.

Shirley said...

Wonderful that your horses gave the children a good first experience. Beamer is super gentle with children too.

Linda said...

Ahhhh....what a sweet horse. I respect that...and yes, she does have a very gentle eye.