Saturday, August 28, 2010

Take Off Your Hat!

As I was busy being traumatized by Bill, the rest of the HCR attendees were at the livery getting signed in.  Compass, the Barn Boss, has met my husband on multiple occasions.  In fact, the week before the ride, we'd had a bonfire at the livery to celebrate her birthday.  The woman knows my husband.


She's getting everyone signed in and collecting money and gets to RockCrawlinChef.  Being a smart ass, she says, "that'll be $500, please."  RCC, without missing a beat (so I'm told), tells her to put it on "GunDiva's tab". 

She looks up, looks him over in his cowboy outfit (the man in a cowboy hat is - wow) and honestly has no clue who he is.  Really, Compass?  We just celebrated your birthday together and you don't recognize RCC?

He thinks she's kidding about not knowing who he is until she demands that he take off his hat.  Then it sinks in that she really did not recognize him and wasn't being a smart ass.



Rachel said...

I was totally there for that entire incident. My mom laughed and laughed. We thought she was kidding!

After that she said something about him paying in Juanita's cookies???

GunDiva said...

Yeah, I still owe her a batch of cookies. I'll make her some chocolate chip oatmeal raisin cookies rather than Mom's chocolate chip ones.

Rachel said...

In her defense, she had just gotten done telling us all about her first cantering back on Eli and how he'd started bucking with joy ;) I'm guessing I'd be a bit distracted with that too - after getting run over!

Hope she enjoyed the cookies. We have worked out for 2397 hours now and are ready to come back to eat at your place again ;)

TjandMark said...

Something about a good lookin man in a cowboy hat that blinds the mind while it flutters the heart. Can cause confusion. I've seen it before.