Thursday, May 27, 2010

"Tales" Hits The Big Time

Well, the semi-big time.  When the book sells, I'll really, really have hit the BIG TIME.  Every blogger has milestones that mark their growth.  Mine were: followers that weren't dictated by family obligation; comments that weren't dictated by family obligation; hosting guest posts; being asked to do a book review.  Now, I've been contacted by CSN Stores to host a give-away or review.

Because I don't want to do a give-away for a store I can't vouch for, I opted to do a review of one of their products.  Hopefully, if things work out and I *love* them, they'll allow me to do a give-away at that point.  As you know from reading my review of LOSING CHARLOTTE, I'll be honest.  I may not be very eloquent, but I'll let you know if I like what I get or not.

If you know me in person, you know that I *hate* shopping.  I'd rather scratch my own eyeballs out than shop anywhere, for any reason (scratch that - book and gun shopping is okay).  But mostly, I hate it with a deep, fiery passion.  Y'all, I went to their website and spent an hour trying to decide what I wanted to review.  They've got everything!

Once the Heathi are out of the house, RockCrawlinChef and I are buying a place with more land than house.  Our plan is to buy a house too small for the kids to move into for very long.  However, we'll have to have a guest room so people can visit.  That's where a sleeper sofa is gonna come in handy.  We can still have a work space/office and be able to host a guest or two for a short period of time.

I think I've found a pair of boots that I can use as muck boots to review, as I wanted to review something "horsey".  Once I've got them in my hot little hands (and on my hot little feet), I'll be sure to post a review here.


Mrs. Mom said...

Totally AMEN on the shopping thing!!! (But you forgot horse stuff...hehe)

Shirley said...

The Broyhill sleeper looks comfy! There are a couple of blogs doig the giveaway from CSN stores" The 7MSN and Gizzards ans Calf Fries.