Sunday, April 11, 2010

Surprise Visit

I spent last night at the lodge and on the way home, saw Mom and Bill's herd down by the river.  I couldn't believe my eyes!  They were just a few feet off the highway by the St. Vrain river.  All I could think of was, "Mom's not going to believe this!"

Mom's always bragging on her blog that all they have to do is call the horses and they come a'runnin'.  Yeah, right.  Time to put that to the test.

I parked the car, picked my way through the fence and gave a holler, "Jesse!  Washoe!  Ranger!"  Ranger's head popped up and he beat feet over to where I was standing, thinking that I had treats.
 Once he realized that I didn't have any treats, he kind of snuffled at me and went back to grazing.

Jesse and Washoe were up on the ridge overlooking the river, but Mom was right, they come when called.  Washoe bolted down the hill, headed right at me.  Though he's a bit lean after the winter, it's still disconcerting to see a full grown horse running straight at you.  I stood my ground and at the last minute shoved his head and neck away just as he was going to knock me over.  He's still kind of gangly and doesn't always have full control of his limbs.

I got him moved away from me and turned back just in time to see Jesse sliding to a stop in front of me, "hey, whatcha doin'?"

Once Mom and Bill's horses were done greeting me, Peanut took over.  He decided that I was his human and started grooming my ponytail.  He briefly allowed Doc to say hi before he flicked an ear and banished him.

Now if I could just get Estes to come a'runnin' when I call.  Guess we'll have to work on that tomorrow.


Linda said...

Grooming your ponytail? Doesn't that usually mean biting it off?!? lol. What a sight--good horses!

Mrs Mom said...


So glad you got in a pony fix Diva. You've needed one badly! ;)

GunDiva said...

Linda, he snuffles my ponytail and then goes in for the gentle wither scratch. He's done it before and has always been super gentle about it.

MM - You're right; I've badly needed one. Now I've had two in two days! I don't know if I can stand myself. Be sure to check out Estes' grandbabies. They're amazing.

Rachel said...

Aww - super sweet about the ponytail grooming!

And I happen to have two of those "come when they are called" girls in my backyard. They walk for "Kona and Cassie", trot for "carrot", and canter for "apple"!