Sunday, February 28, 2021

Breast Collar Update

Since I have no idea what I'm doing, I'm following instructions I find on YouTube from professional cosplayers. After I had all of the pieces cut out for the breast collar, I heat sealed them with a heat gun.

If I remember correctly, heat sealing them closes the pores so the pieces will take the paint better. I then primed each piece with Mod Podge.

Unfortunately, I was a little too heavy-handed with the primer and you can see the brush strokes through the paint. I doubt any of our pictures will be focused only on her armor, so no one will notice. (I hope.)

Once the Mod Podge dried, it was time to paint. I'll admit I'm not very good with spray painting, but I eventually got into a rhythm and got the job done.

They're not ready to attach to the breast collar, but I had to lay them out to see what it would look like. I need to age them a bit with black to make the pieces look battle worn. Jay will definitely have to help me with that, as he perfected the technique while painting his Boba Fett rifle.

I'd ordered some stockinette to attach the pieces to, thinking I could then just slide the stockinette over each 'arm' of the breast collar, but the size I ordered was far too big. I donated that stockinette to ARC rather than deal with returning it, and ordered a smaller size. The stockinette will stretch and probably want to twist, so I think I'll stitch a strip of cloth to it that I'll then attach the pieces to. My hope is that it'll help keep the stockinette from twisting around.

I'm excited to finish this part of her armor so I can put it on and see what it looks like from a distance.


Shirley said...

Looking good! But what about you - what will your costume look like?

GunDiva said...

@Shirley, I'll have armor as well, but I'm not starting it until at least May. Still working on getting a few pounds off. :)