Saturday, January 31, 2015

Catch-up Post, Again

I think I'm going to forever be playing catch up.  Training has slowed because of time and weather constraints.  Jay changed jobs, so our schedule is even more erratic.  I'll eventually get everything caught up, I swear!

On December 18, I had some dental work done that required me to be drugged up, so I asked Mom and Bill to pick me up from the dentist's office and drop me off at home.  While they were here, they were willing to work with the horses a bit.  It was tough twisting their arms, I tell you.

They did a lot of work, but because of my drugged up state, I only remember parts of their work.  Copper is very buddy sour and throws a fit when Skeeter leaves the pen without him, so part of the plan that day was to separate them and try to work him through it.

Grandpa Beel thought that maybe Skeeter wanted to come tell Mom hi, so he brought her over to the bedroom window.

While Skeeter and Grandpa were out on their walkabout, the Bionic Cowgirl was in the pen with Copper.  She had him haltered and was working him a bit on the lead, but when he started having a temper tantrum, she let him go and then kept him going until he decided that maybe standing quietly was a lot easier than pitching a fit.

Making him move also helped him stretch out his shoulder.  He was healed up pretty well, but hadn't really pushed his shoulder since he hurt it.  He looked good and moved smoothly without a hint of his previous injury.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Our REAL Wild One

... and she's not a horse.  Abigail, the abandoned kitty, is our wildest animal.

She, at a pound and a half, is far more dangerous to be around than our 1,000# "wild" mustangs.