Thursday, July 31, 2014

From Dating to Living Together

Jay and I moved onto the same property that Skeeter is on over the weekend and it's already obvious that the move is going to change our relationship with Skeeter.

Before, when we lived away, going to visit was like dating.  It was a to-do.  I had to make sure I had an hour to "work" with her, I had to make time every day to go feed and I felt guilty when all I had time for was feed her.  I really enjoy and love Skeeter, but we didn't have a lot of "hanging out" time.  I felt pulled in two directions: I had Jay at home (who, by no means ever put any pressure one me) that I wanted to spend time with and I had Skeeter at L.E.'s who needed me to spend time with her.  No matter where I was, I felt like I was cheating one or the other.

Seeing Skeeter's head pop up when she heard my car come up the road and seeing her come running to the fence always made me happy.  It really was like having a 900# dog. (If the video loads sideways, I apologize, I don't know how to fix it without uploading it to YouTube.)

She got a rude awakening on Saturday when people showed up and didn't immediately run to her pen to fawn over her.  Instead, the truck and trailer pulled up and people completely ignored her while our things were unloaded.  It was a travesty, just ask her.  Oh, she hollered for a good half an hour before she gave up.  Welcome to not dating anymore, sweetheart.

When I woke up on Sunday, I couldn't wait to get out to talk to her and see what her reaction would be.  She appeared to me to be confused and wasn't quite sure how to react.  I was there, but I didn't drive up, which is not how things had been. 

We're easing into the living together thing and I think we're both going to enjoy it.  The other night I felt like going out and brushing her, so I did.  It wasn't a big to-do.  I got up off the couch, slipped into my shoes and went out to the pen.  It was so much nicer to be spontaneous and not have to worry about the whole process of leaving the apartment to go spend five whole minutes with her.

She has a deer fly who is loving to chew her to bits, so I've been putting first aid mud on it.  And it's not a big to-do.  I go out, grab the tube of mud, slather it on her, give her a kiss and go back inside.  It's bliss, I tell you!

Jay and I discovered this morning that she can hear us with those big old bat ears of hers, so we spent some time torturing her by standing in the bedroom and calling her name.  Since she can't see us, she didn't think it was a very fun game, but we did.


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Allenspark Lodge said...

Sometimes it gets spooky. My guys will watch the office window at the times they think I might be in there, and when they see me move, they come to complete attention. They are especially funny if I wave at them; causes great excitement!
Such a joy to live with them.
Bionic Cowgirl

Dreaming said...

I can feel your bliss. I so loved having my guys in the back yard and being able to take advantage of odd moments to visit. Skeeter is lucky indeed, and so are you!

Brenda said...

Congrats on moving to her property. I'd love to have a horse, but I wouldn't be able to live at the same place as s/he would and I wouldn't feel right now spending all my free time with him/her.