Friday, July 11, 2014

Introducing the Big Red Ball

This could, perhaps, be the most boring introduction to a scary object you'll ever see.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

She does have a good head on her shoulders, that's for sure.

Jay got approved for his mustang within just a couple of days.  We mailed his application on Saturday, he got the call on Tuesday morning that he was approved.  This time around, it will be Jay, his mom, my mom and me going down to Canon City.  Skeeter will be getting a new brother in the middle of August.

Speaking of brother - take a look at this guy.  He really could be Skeeter's brother!  One of the ladies from a Mustang page that I follow has gotten special permission to take pictures at Canon City.  Very rarely is anyone allowed in with a camera, so it was a treat to see all of the great pictures she came out with.

Photo credit: Amanda Wilder

Except that his "happy sperm" hasn't been squished like hers, and he has more chrome.  I'm not sure we'll end up with matching horses, as there were a LOT of pictures that we fell in love with.

Photo cred: Amanda Wilder


Becky said...

I am so excited for you both! I also enjoy Amandas pictures, there is a black gelding with a tiny snip in his nostril that I want! And I would name him Booger. Haha! I can't adopt right now, someday....but for now I get to live through you!

Unknown said...

Yay for Jay!
And you really did get picked by a great horse :)

Achieve1dream said...

Skeeter is such a good girl!!

I'm so excited that Jay got approved so quickly! I can't wait to meet her new brother hehe.