Friday, August 17, 2012



Know how I was all worried about Estes' arthritis and how much longer I'd get to ride her?

And I was perplexed because it seemed like she went downhill really quickly?  Like, two weeks ago, she was sound and then suddenly she wasn't?

Yep.  I'm an idiot.  No wonder she looks at me with distain sometimes.  It's because I deserve it and I'm an idiot.  Don't know how else to put it.

I've be trying to figure out if she got hurt while we were out, or what I did differently recently and then I remembered this...

That would be a saddle.  A perfectly good Aussie saddle that fits Estes beautifully.

It does not, however, fit me.  Which I should have figured out from my first ride in it, since it gimped me up for two days afterward.

I am such a dumbass.  We *just* did an episode on Horse Master about saddle fit and how it's important to fit both the horse and the rider.  How could I have let that slip my mind?

Oh's because I'm a dumbass.

Anyway, we had the chiro up on Wednesday and he worked Her Highness over.  He also admonished me that "no more saddles!  Bareback only."

Guess I'd better master my Million Dollar Idea, then, huh?  Still haven't gotten the hang of it.  Mom and Bill are great with it - me, not so much.

Her Highness will get one more back crackin' on Tuesday and we'll be back in business.  I found my Cosequin and started her on it on Wednesday as well, so when I go up on Sunday, she should be good for a short ride just to loosen up.  She can go back to her usual ride schedule of once or twice a week for a couple of hours after Tuesday.

God, I hate it when I do something stupid and hurt my horse.


Allenspark Lodge said...

Don't be too hard on yourself; we ALL to it from time to time. At least it was fairly easily fixed and no permanent damage done. I did my horse in for several months because I loved the saddle that 'fit' Jesse - until she finished maturing and was much broader than the saddle; hence, she had major shoulder issues and now I am a stickler on saddle fit. At least we met a really good chiro from my experiences!

Unknown said...

But you figured it out and took care of the problem!
I have found that the chiropractor has done wonders from Shy! She is back to her feisty self in the round pen!

Shirley said...

Sometimes we just have to kick our own butt, don't we? Glad the chiro got her sorted out.

Momma Fargo said...

Don't beat yourself beat up your horse. Haha, just kidding. I have done that myself. Sometimes we forget how important things are that we take for granted. Now on the other hand...I think we need to reserve the word 'dumbassery' for popo use. ;)

Glad you got the problem figured out so you and Estes can have lots of great rides.

GunDiva said...

Momma Fargo, I'll make you a deal: the popo can keep "dumbassery", I get to keep "fuckery", which is an altogether badass word and one of my favorites. So go ahead, keep dumbassery. :p

Funder said...

Glad you figured it out, and it's such an easy fix!