Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Heavy Sigh

Her Highness is at it again.

It's always the end of the season that we have problems.

This time it's not thrush.

It's not sand colic.

It's not her back (anymore).

Because why would Her Highness repeat injuries/illnesses from the past when she can come up with a new way to get out of work?

Our crazy weather has done crazy things to her feetsies.  Her sole has overgrown her hoof walls.  And it's so rock hard that I can't cut it with the knife and the rasp just skitters across it.

*shaking head*

What am I to do with the old girl?

The farrier will hopefully be up next week to get her feetsies in order and he's going to earn every penny.  And then it's back to work for Her Highness.

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Shirley said...

If you have soaking boots, or anything else you can use, start soaking her in apple cider vinegar and water mix for 20 minutes, once or twice a day. I did this with Beamer when his feet were rock and it works real well. Also gets rid of any thrush.