Monday, April 12, 2010

Estes' Grandbabies

C'mon two-legged, let's go play!
Please?  Let's play.
We'll even ask really nice.
Wait!  Don't turn away, come play.
See? It's fun to run.  Come play!
Fine.  I'll just amuse myself with the bucket.
Oh!  Are these treats in the bucket?
Hey!  You, two-legged!  Where you goin' with the treat bucket?


Allenspark Lodge said...

Pretty cute coming-yearlings! Mama and grandma's great temperament and Friesian dad's looks, except for the famous crescent on the forehead. Watching them dive into that lake and get their bellies wet was cool, too. Sure wish they could follow us home!

Mrs. Mom said...

LOL Gotta love kids ;) Nice bone on them Diva. Estes passes long a good solid body!

Linda said...

Yes, very nice bone on them for coming yearlings! That's what you want. Cute as can be, too!

Melissa said...

Ooh, cuties! Do keep us posted as they grow up. :-)

Rachel said...

Babies are such fun! Would love to meet them!

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