Monday, October 26, 2015

Lesson 5: Am I a Beginner?

It's been years, years, since I've ridden a truly green horse. Washoe was the last one, I think, and that was a decade ago.

With the hundreds and hundreds of hours in the saddle under my belt, you'd think I wouldn't feel so awkward, but I do. It's difficult for me to concentrate on what my legs and my hands are doing. I've been riding autopilot on well-broke horses for so long that if my cue was even sort of close, the horse could figure it out.

I don't look so horrible in this video clip, but that's because Jessica didn't take any video of me attempting to trot. I thought I'd try to sit the trot, but I felt like a sack of potatoes, so then I thought I'd post the trot, but that was even worse, so it was back to the sack of potatoes.

Only ten more days until Skeeter comes home. Jessica is going to get her loping in the arena this week and then start riding her outside of the arena so I can ride her outside at home. We don't have a round pen or an arena, so all riding will have to be done "in the wild". I'm actually not at all worried about it, because Skeeter has shown no inclination to bolt or buck. She did get mentally stuck and frustrated a couple of times, but not once did I feel unsafe.

Our next (and last) lesson is Saturday and I can't wait!


Linda said...

Riding a green horse is so different. It's been 30 years since I started and rode my green horse. Since then, all my horses have been able to neck rein. It's a whole different ball game now and I also feel like a beginner. But it is fun!! You look great!

GunDiva said...

Thanks Linda! It is completely different and I'm so very grateful that Jessica was able to take on Skeeter (and Copper next week). I'm going to have to remind myself a lot to direct rein, that whole neck reining thing is just so darned ingrained!