Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Kitten Break!

A few days of horse stuff, so now it's time for the cutest ever kitten break.

RapDom tactical gear gives away beer koozies every year at SHOT Show, but they're not your ordinary beer koozies.  Nope, they're in the shape of plate carriers (or if you're old school, flack jackets).  We've been wondering if we could get Abby into one.  Jay and I weren't going to attempt it, because neither of us wanted to be shredded while attempting to put it on her.

Ashinator came over this morning and was willing to hold the shitten while I dressed her.  I don't think too much blood was shed, or skin lost, and we managed to get the dang thing on her.

Abby was not impressed.

But we got a good case of the giggles :)

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