Monday, April 15, 2013

Snow Day

We've had some weird-ass weather here lately.  The weathermen have been crying wolf almost every weekend.  Seriously, we've been on Winter Weather Advisory more this month than all winter long.  This morning, without any weathermen telling us the Blizzard of the Century was coming, we woke up to snow.  Beautiful, heavy, wet spring snow.

This is the kind of snow we've been expecting with each Advisory.  This time, no warning, just a mention that we had a slight chance of snow.  We've had eight inches throughout the day and it's still snowing.

Yesterday, just on the off chance that we'd get more than just a smidge of snow, I threw an entire bale for Her Highness.  I found that if I put the bale in her stall, she would stand at the door and eat off of it.  She still won't go into the stall, but she'll eat her hay from the doorway.  Crazy girl.

It wouldn't kill her to do a day without oats, but I wanted to check on her, so Ripley and I battled our way down the dirt county road to check on her.

Hanging out by her house.

Oh, okay, I'll grant you an audience.

Hi Mom!
There were no tracks in the pen, so she had been standing by her house, just hanging out enjoying the snow.  It wasn't cold and blowing, just gently falling and she looked so peaceful.

Mom, the oats go out there, not in the scary stall.

Right here.  This is where they go.

What?  Just put the oats already.


Thanks Mom.
No, I did not clean out the oat box - it had no snow in it.  Beel says it didn't dare snow in her oat box.  That's possible.


cheyenne jones said...

Thats some snow! Our late snow has just cleared away. Horses are out, and although we have no grass, its starting to look like spring. Estes, looks quite happy.

Momma Fargo said...

Wow. I won't even post pics of my lush green grass and 76 degree weather. Only today it's only 60 so far. And magnolias, cherry blossoms...

Unknown said...

The snow you had yesterday is now blowing sideways in WY.

I love that she has her own house, and will not use the stall.

GunDiva said...

I probably won't be able to make it in to give her more oats today - we got another 4" of snow last night and more is on the way. Luckily, she's free-fed hay, so she won't starve to death. But she won't be happy about not getting her oats. As long as the wind doesn't blow, I'm not worried, so Cindy D., you can just keep your wind up in Wyo where it belongs.

Rachel said...

I love her "frosted" mane :)

And too funny about the oat box.

Our girls are such creatures of habit. There is no way you can convince me they don't communicate so clearly with us! :)