Monday, January 7, 2013

Estes' Moving Day

Today, Estes got moved from winter pasture up by Mom and Bill's place down to Lyons, where she'll spend a day or two before Ida moves her out to fat pasture.

Mom was kind enough to take video of the turn out - Estes hooked up with the new herd of two and went on her merry way.  Love that she takes change so well.  Hopefully, she won't be calling for Mom's herd like did last year.  I don't anticipate it, because this is the second year we've done this an she's a smart cookie, she'll get it figured out.


Rachel said...

Awww! You gotta love the pony herding them ;)

And I think you lied to me. She don't look a day over 17!

Momma Fargo said...

Let's get her fattened up for the New Year! And she looks great for her age. Hope I look that great at that age...oh, wait, I'm older. Drat!

Mrs. Mom said...

She's looking pretty good! Love the pony-- lil stinker is adorable.

Unknown said...

Pony is too cute!! :)
Estes looks good, she will have a fun relaxing winter.

Once Upon an Equine said...

They look like a happy trio. Do all 3 go to fat pasture together? "Fat Pasture" sounds delicious.

Hey, gotta question. Have you ridden around Grand Lake? I'm thinking about going to a summer trail riding clinic at Winding River Ranch. Know anything about it?

GunDiva said...

Once Upon an Equine - I haven't done that ride. Check with Mom and Bill over at their blog - they might have done it in the past.