Friday, September 7, 2012

What a Difference! (Warning: media heavy)

Just a week ago, I was contemplating retiring Estes.  I was trying to come to terms with the fact that we may have had our last ride together.

Yes, we'd gotten her on supplements and she was moving better.

Yes, we'd gotten her back fixed and she was moving better.

But she still wasn't right and I was trying to figure out what to do.  I could probably still ride her if I moved her down to the flatlands, but what kind of fun is that when we're both used to riding in the mountains?  She has to have a job or she's destructive.  Ask Mom.  Estes has eaten several of the crossbars of the fence.  I wasn't convinced that moving her down to the flatlands would work for either of us.  But I can't afford to keep a horse I can't use, either, and I promised her other mommy that I'd be her forever home.  I wasn't a very happy person while I was trying to figure out what to do.

And then our farrier suggested shoes.

Oh, my hell.  My mare is back!  She was shod on Monday and on Thursday, Bill and I went out for a long ride - about 2 1/2 hours.  She was feeling so good that we went on some of our favorite trails, starting with the Willow Tree Trail.
And the fun begins...


Those idiots at the ranch down the road have trimmed
back the willows.
I hate them.
No, really, I do.

It's been a while,
"Hey Bill, which way?"
"Just go up and over"

After we lived through going on
"Not the trail"
Doesn't look so bad from this angle.
Bill didn't take pictures as we were picking our way down.
Something about being afraid we'd fall on him.
But he kind of redeemed himself with this video of the last climb out of the trail.

Estes was feeling really good after the Willow Tree Trail, so we decided to head across the Beaver Ponds.  She must have been thirsty after the hike over the Willow Tree Trail, because she did something that I don't recall her doing before.
She almost didn't leave any water for Ranger.

When she was done drinking up Rock Creek, we crossed over and I got the coolest. picture. ever.

Not sure how I managed this,
but I love it!
The Beaver Ponds were gorgeous as always and Her Highness was still feeling good, so on we went to a trail that isn't my favorite, but it's a good test of how her feetsies were doing.  It's a rarely used, steep, ugly trail.  Not ugly as in looks-wise, but ugly as in rocky and steep.  I don't even have a name for that trail.  I've pretty much named most of the ones we ride, but this one has remained name-less.
We decided that since the horses had worked so hard, they deserved a picnic.  Ranger chose a nice place, but was a little too insistent, so Beel said no and we pushed on to the pond.

It was a real horse picnic,
I even took Estes' iron bar out of her mouth.
Look closely...
there's a napping Bill back there.
No singing frogs this time of year,
but it's still pretty.
It was a pretty good picnic.
I'll pick up the last part of the ride in a later's one small step toward our goal of riding bridleless by the end of the season.


Allenspark Lodge said...

That mare definitely has to be kept busy; she also dug a hole to China - several times. Shoes? Just make a better shovel! We are so glad she can be used again.
Bionic Cowgirl

TjandMark/AKA PearlandHawkeye said...

this post makes me smile. Great photos and a happy ending. You sometimes just gotta do what works.

Dreaming said...

How very exciting! I'm so happy for you.

Momma Fargo said...

Very beautiful! So glad Estes feels good again. I'm sure she is tender footed like me...I can't go barefoot on rocks either. LOL

Rachel said...

So very glad she is feeling better!

We are proudly barefoot here, but I am totally not THAT butthead who thinks it works for every single horse every single season. This give you your girl back!!!

Love your pictures... and I giggled at the stream again :)