Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Real Ride

Stealing Ranger for a walk around the block back in February was great, but we went out on a real ride today.  I had to ride Washoe who was not-quite-a-Wonder Idiot.  On the Washoe scale of  idiocy, he was down-right excellent.  I only had to get after him a couple of times for attempting to eat.  We laid down the ground rules right off the bat and he tested the rules less than usual.

I'm concerned about the lack of snow.  We saw less snow today than we should have.  We're already under a fire ban and it's only April.

I thought we'd get some moisture today from the look of the clouds hanging over the mountain as I headed up the hill...
I promise, Mt. Meeker and Longs Peak are there somewhere
As I climbed higher, the clouds cleared, which made me happy.

It doesn't take too long for three fools who don't know squat about horses  to tie the lead ropes around their necks and climb up bareback (<--- that's for you Mrs Mom), so shortly after I arrived at the Lodge we were off.

Where's the snow?

Ranger found some.
And promptly fell through.


I can't believe the frogs were singing,
their pond is drier than it was at the end of the year.

Not much, and certainly not enough to ward off the fire gods.
It was a great ride, which I needed desperately.  With my change in position at work, it looks like I'll get to get more equine therapy in each week.  My hope is to get my arse back in riding shape before Queen Estes comes home.


cheyenne jones said...

Looks fine to my honey!Lol.

Mrs. Mom said...

Dammit woman you made me spit coffee thru my nose at that comment.. LMAO... Glad you got in some equine therapy. Lord knows you needed it!!!

Shirley said...

Let's hear it for equine therapy!
I wonder if the blogs that have ads on them are the ones that get spammed; I don't use WV and don't have ads, and get very little spam.

Dreaming said...

It looks like you had a great ride - but oh, how scary that there was so little snow. Let's hope we have a rainy (by CO standards) spring and summer!

Linda said...

What a great ride! Sad that your water levels are so low this time of year though. That's going to make for a tough summer.

Unknown said...

Is forest fire becoming a real concern by you guys this season or is that something you have to worry about every year?

GunDiva said...

Rico - fire is always a concern, but not usually until August. This year, being so dry right off the bat has us all more concerned than usual. We've got some standing dead and beetle kill that will go up like a torch. All it will take is a careless cigarette or a lightning strike and our whole hillside could be ablaze.