Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Willow Tree Trail

On Saturday, Beel Bill and I went for a ride on one of my favorite trails.  We don't ride it often, which makes it a huge treat.  It's what I would consider an "extreme" trail in that there are parts of it that you can't see and you absolutely must trust your horse to pick its footing properly.  This is not a competition trail, with one obstacle then another that you're scored on.  At several points, your horse is picking its way over downed branches and water while you're pushing tree limbs out of the way (or, if you're me, using the Flip camera to protect your face).

This is the same trail that many years ago Estes' daughter Meeker refused to take.  That was the last time I ever attempted to take a dude string along that trail - I had nightmares of what could have happened if the critter hadn't made noise until we were halfway in the willows.  I don't know if Compass' new wranglers even know the trail exists.  We talked about taking it for HCR last year because we knew that everyone could ride; in the end, because Baggins was being such a jerk for Rachel, we bypassed it. (<--- That didn't come out the way I meant it to.  Baggis was being a jerk; I wasn't sure how he'd handle the close quarters.  Has nothing to do with Rachel's riding ability.  She doesn't give herself enough credit in her ability.)

I had my sights set on doing the Willow Tree trail this year and spent the last week working up my courage to do it bareback.  I knew Beel Bill would be up for it - heck, he wants me to do the Goat trail bareback - so off we went.


Rachel said...

Say it aint so! Hate that me & my limited horsemanship skills were the reason we didn't take that trail. Darn for not bringing a hackamore.
I sure remember that sideways incline while on shale - that took a couple years off my life, ha!

Loved the video - you guys are going to have so much fun!

Shirley said...

If you ever feel the need for some high country riding in Alberta, check out Anchor D Outfitting's Lost Trail Ride:
Ted and I took that trip years ago and it was a total blast. We were literally riding the rimrock at the top of mountains.
You sure do have some pretty country for riding.

GunDiva said...

Rach - you do not have "limited" skills. It was Baggins, pure and simple. He was being a brat - I wouldn't have wanted to be up on him. It's a good thing your mom took one for the team :)

I so didn't mean for the post to come out that way - I lay the blame on Baggins for not being a nice horse for you.